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"Without ever having played it, I had this song completely composed, words and music, in my head, and threw down the guide track for the drum and bass session at the last minute," Erskine says. "I’ve always liked the Monkees, Beach Boys and Neil Diamond, so I guess this is kind of a tribute." He reveals that a third vocal harmony was recorded but didn’t make the final mix. "I still kind of miss it, but there was a lot going on there already," he says.

Can't Run Away - words and music by Tim Erskine

Got my suitcase knocking on the side of my knee
There's a hole in my chest where my heart used to be
I'm alone in this airport
waiting on the last red eye

Well, it's the late night, desolated, terminal ill
trying to keep something down at the Runway Grill
I'll be gone for a month
and I'm beginning to wonder why

I thought by leaving this place
I might stop seeing her face in space

But I'm still in love
and there ain't no running away, now
Oh, I still want her
and there's just no hiding away for me, now
I'm still in love
and there ain't no running away, now
Oh, I can't run away from feeling the way I do

Well, I've never been good at 'de hands of defeat
so I'm hanging out here at my mountain retreat
watching my dreams blow away
with the smoke of the campfire

But it's a great dark night to be lost in the woods
while I'm waiting for hope
to come across with the goods
It's a cold night in hell
and I'm freezing alone in a quagmire

I thought by leaving that place
I might stop seeing her face in space


I could let it go
and I should let it go
but I won't let it go

'cause I can't let it go
But I know I'll fall out of love
when I admit this love is the wrong one

Wherever I go, the airlines lose my baggage
but I've got plenty to carry
I'm schlepping around my heavy heart
like a beat-up piece of old luggage


I can't run away from being in love with you

T.E. – Synthesizer and Vocals
Gregg Bissonette – Drums
Matt Bissonette – Bass
Vince Frates – Piano and Rhodes Piano
Michael Dowdle – 6 and 12-string Electric Guitars
Kelly Wallis – Percussion
Kelly Eisenhour – Backup Vocals
Horns Arranged by Tony Dilorenzo

Erskine bought this old trunk for $15 at a thrift shop.

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