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Suite Free Started out as three song ideas that Erskine finally realized wanted to be together. It's autobiographical - the photo (c. 1978) is Erskine's ''74 Spitfire used to drive back and forth between Chicago and Tucson where he went to college. "I wanted to capture that period of life where everything is possible; before an adult tells you you can't do everything, you must choose only one candy from the shop," Erskine says. "I think the last movement is about how finally growing up is pretty amazing too - who would give up their wisdom, after all?"

Suite Free - words and music by Tim Erskine

It’s not by accident I’m hurling down this road
with the sunrise hanging to beguile me
Life is free and easier along the path I chose
And with every milepost behind me
I’m free

The rain was tearing down in sheets at six this morning
with the lightning ripping through the air
That scarlet sky I eyed last night gave me no warning
Why don’t you ask me if I care?
I’m free

I’m on my way to Tucson
from the prairie near Chicago
I sailed across Nebraska
by the highway’s rippling wire

The rain began to kiss me
outside Sterling, Colorado
Thank God for the English
and my leaky Triumph Spitfire
my trusty Triumph Spitfire

Someday I’ll have to make my choices
choose a part from all the voices
select a neighborhood
pick a street
It’ll be mundane
but at least concrete

But while I drive into the world
and its unlimited possibilities
this highway in the sunrise
is a red carpet rolled out to greet me
Life welcomes and receives me

She sat there soaking wet
upon her suitcase in the lobby
the roadside inn I stopped at
the only choice I had last night

The night man was discreet
but glancing sideways at us funny
Would you like to split the room? she asked
Well, yeah, I think I might
Well, you know that I just might


There’s a first time for everything
There’s a first time for everything...

Awake, eyes of jade
Watch Orion fading away
Sleepy on a frosted mountain’s morning side
I dreamed of you and I and last night’s firelight

It took me all my life and twenty years
to learn this song:
The more love you leave behind
the more love you take along
the more love you take along

T.E. – Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Michael Dowdle – Electric Guitar
Gregg Bissonette – Drums
Matt Bissonette – Bass
Vince Frates – Piano
Kelly Wallis – Percussion
Strings arranged by Vince Frates
The First Light Orchestra

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