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  The First Light Orchestra
Recorded at the Libby Gardener Concert Hall
Conducted by Nate Hoffheins, except Prelude to Space Conducted by Tony Dilorenzo
Orchestra Contractor - Meredith Campbell
Chart Copyist - Nate Hoffheins
Violins Meredith Campbell
Tom Baron
Bryan Hernandez-Luch
Katherine Kunz
Kelly Parkinson
Judith Rich
Ingrid Roberts
Judd Sheranian
Lois Swint
Barbara Williams
Violas Christopher McKellar
Mario Ortiz
Nels Paulsen
Gwen Thornton
Celli Ellen Bridger
Carolee Baron
Nicole Jackson
Basses Benjamin Henderson
Lola Lowry
Lisa Byrnes - Flute
Holly Gornik - Oboe
Carl Jackson - Clarinet
Tony Dilorenzo - Trumpet
Bob Brown - Trumpet
Russell McKinney - Bass Trombone
Bryce Mecham - Trombone
Ronald L. Beitel - French Horn
Nathan Basinger - French Horn

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