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"I was inspired by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov's Foundation series," Erskine says, "but my underlying theme here is just how precious and rare the Earth is among a whole lot of vacuum and nothingness."

The Search for Earth - words and music by Tim Erskine

Deep in space
between the suns
this globe of metal is my home
In silent flight
I hope to find
the blue world that I read of
in an ancient tome

In this part of the galaxy
stars are spare
space is vast
and life is rare
But I will not rest
until I find the Earth

Alone, I coast
My footsteps echo
through the tunnels of my ship
I spend endless hours
searching my charts
to put the sphere of blue
within my grip

In this part of the galaxy
there's no way back
Time has stopped
and space is black
But I will not rest
until I find the Earth

Dreaming, I lay on the shore of a blue sea –
an incredible blue –
the sky came right down on the turquoise sea
I remember the girl
She laid down by me on the white sand –
the most beautiful girl –
I cradled her face in the palm of my hand

Deep in space
I search the stars
in timeless, aching night
My food is low
but I have sworn
to find the world
of blue and white

In the depths of outer space
a man is small
a mote of dirt
Awake, alone
lying in my berth
and I will not return
until I've walked upon the Earth

Where is the Earth?
Where is the Earth?

T.E. – Synthesizers and Vocals
Gregg Bissonette – Drums
Matt Bissonette – Bass
Michael Dowdle – Electric Guitar
Vince Frates – B3 organ and synthesizers
Kelly Wallis – Percussion
Orchestra arranged by Vince Frates
The First Light Orchestra

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