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Erskine says you can hear the influence of Elton John on this track. "I stole the title from one of my brother Dave's piano compositions, which he in turn had gotten from my mother. This was a very sincere lyric for me, that I wrote down in about fifteen minutes one morning in a Village Inn, and kept with only minor revisions."

When You're Not Near - words and music by Tim Erskine

When you’re not near
I go on about my busy work
stay on the task at hand
spend time inside myself
and think about how alone I was

When you’re not near
I wonder how it could have been
that you and I had really met
and fell so much in love that way
and how you’re the only one for me

And every song I ever wrote
every note I ever played
I either did for you
or while I wished for you

When you’re not here
I think about when you’ll be near
when our eyes and souls and bodies meet
‘cause when you’re not near
I’m only part complete

You complete me
Yes, you complete me

When you’re not near
I thank you for your gifts to me
I marvel at how strong you are
and at your clever mind
and I ache for any pain you feel

When you’re not near
you seem to be with me anyway
I act almost as if you were
and I talk to myself a lot
but I always seek to make you proud


You complete me
You complete me

T.E. – Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Vince Frates – Piano
Matt Bissonette – Bass
Gregg Bissonette – Drums
Kelly Wallis – Percussion
Kelly Eisenhour – Backup Vocals
Orchestra Arranged by Vince Frates
The First Light Orchestra

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