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Erskine says You is a simple love song. "I really enjoy the rhythmic changes and playing this song on guitar. You might hear a little Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) influence in my acoustic guitar playing."

You - words and music by Tim Erskine

You –
I knew your name
knew your face
knew this day

I’ve been waiting
for the rush of this moment
longing to be lost in malachite eyes
And You –
I knew you’d stay

Touch me
Touch me

Knowing the thrill of the life in the night
I don’t think this evening can bring me to sleep
How’s it so easy just knowing you’re there?
The solitude of life –
just now not so deep

You –
You’ve seen me too
heard my description
been my reflection

All of your thoughts –
you’ve been wanting to touch me
It’s time now to do it. I’m already yours
And You –
You know the connection



T.E. – Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Matt Bissonette – Bass
Gregg Bissonette – Drums
Michael Dowdle – Electric Guitar
Vince Frates – B3 Organ
Kelly Wallis – Percussion

This is a photo of Salt Pond bay taken by Tim on St. John's island in the Caribbean.

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